Organised criminals are smuggling tiger bone out of China to feed an insatiable black market. They will stop at nothing to dominate a growing trade where profit margins dwarf those of narcotics, with little penalty. They have only one problem – they can’t get enough of it.

Following the murder of his friend, former soldier Daniel Harpur is on the warpath. A small bag of white powder and a Chinese gangster with a dragon tattoo are his only leads. He has vowed revenge, but first he must overcome his own personal demons.

The Wildlife Investigation Agency, charged with protecting endangered animals and their habitats, are on the trail of an infamous poacher who is decimating the wild tiger population. But red tape and bureaucracy thwart their every move.

Both Harpur and the WIA want justice. Just in different ways.......

An action-packed and gripping story highlighting the lucrative illegal trade in wildlife and the plight of tigers – one of the world’s most iconic and beautiful creatures.
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Dan Harpur, a former SAS trooper, is on the run. He’s wanted for murder on two different continents, but his love for Heather Walsh, an investigator for the Wildlife Investigation Agency, brings him out of hiding. To protect her he must take on both African warlords and organised criminals, whilst avoiding his own arrest.

So valuable are the tusks of elephants that the besieged population of the Hwange National Park face a new and deadly threat. Ivory is being used as currency to buy weapons – fuelling war and making determined criminals rich in the process. Heather Walsh uses every tool at her disposal to save the elephants of the park, but the poachers are winning.

War and organised crime are tearing Africa apart. Dan and Heather team up once again in a battle to save the elephants of Hwange, risking their own lives in the process.

The sequel to “The Bone Farm”, this action-packed novel continues the adventures of Dan and Heather. It highlights the trade in ivory, the lengths criminals will go to to get their hands on it, and the huge sums of money involved. The elephant is an iconic and beautiful creature facing extinction for no other reason than the value some people place on its tusks.

In a small marine reserve off the coast of Brazil, pirate ships are scooping up huge, illegal catches of fish and indiscriminately killing everything else caught up in their nets as they do so.  Criminal gangs make multimillion dollar profits as a result, mixing the fish with ones caught legally using the help of unscrupulous government officials. Some of the world’s most endangered marine animals are being killed off at an alarming rate. Soon there will be nothing left.​
Local people live in fear of the violent gangsters who control the trade and no-one will speak out against them.  Heather Walsh, a freelance investigator searching for the reason why whale numbers in the Atlantic Ocean are falling so rapidly, soon comes to realise that law abiding citizens can only do so much. Just like her previous work with the tigers of Asia and the elephants of Africa, Heather needs help from outside the law.
Daniel Harpur, a former SAS hero now wanted across the globe for multiple murders, wades into yet another ecological disaster, causing carnage and mayhem. He’s obsessed with Heather and will do anything to win her over. But this time has he bitten off more than he can chew? Will his violent past come back to haunt him?
The Dead Sea is the third explosive instalment in the Dan Harpur Adventure Series. It’s another fast-paced and thrilling read following the exploits of Dan and Heather as they tackle the relentless surge in wildlife crime. This time it’s the turn of the world’s oceans and the illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing that is devastating all that live within them.
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