The Savage Series is currently unavailable
Due to unforseen circumstances, the first three books in the SAVAGE series are unavailable. I do hope to release them again soon, but for now they must remain unpublished.

Official review of SAVAGE.

“The police are not always the good guys, that is the thing to keep in mind while reading this fast-paced, action-packed crime novel called Savage by Andrew Jackson. This hair-raising story based in Ireland, follows an ex-army man turned cop named Billy Savage, whose whole life goes downhill after his divorce. In the wake of a robbery gone wrong, he finds himself in the midst of an extremely dangerous situation that he does not truly understand, wanted by some of the most lethal people in Belfast. With members of the police department working alongside the paramilitaries of the city, Billy does not have many people he can trust. Will Savage make it out alive, and if he does, what kind of life will he be left with? Packed with good cops, dirty cops, drug lords, and paramilitaries, this book will have you hooked from the very first page until the last.

I enjoyed every second of reading this novel, there was never a dull moment. The author is truly talented in the way he describes action scenes. I could vividly imagine everything that was going on as if I was watching it on a movie screen. Although this book is not very long, the author still managed to make me care about the characters and make me actively root for some, while wishing others would get what they deserved.

The best thing about this novel is the plot. I can honestly say there was no way I could have predicted the story would end the way it did. Which is something I very much appreciated since it is hard to come across a surprising plot these days. This book deals with crooked cops, drug dealers, and paramilitaries so obviously there are some gruesome scenes that may be disturbing to some readers. Personally, I appreciated that the author stayed true to the characters and wrote things the way they should have been instead of sugarcoating certain scenes to make it easier to digest.

I gave this novel 4 out of 4 stars, and there was no doubt in my mind that this book deserved it. I had absolutely no complaints while reading this thrilling story. I would recommend it to anyone that loves action or who likes reading books that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Unfortunately, as I previously mentioned, there are some explicit torture scenes. Therefore, it is not suitable for young audiences or for those who are sensitive towards those types of scenes.

I guarantee you will not regret reading Savage by Andrew Jackson. It is a compelling novel with vivid, nail-biting action scenes that will keep you guessing. This book would also be a great read for fans of the new television series called Shades of Blue starring Jennifer Lopez, since they both have similar themes dealing with the ugly side of the law.”

​​​Book 1 - SAVAGE
​​“Having botched an attempt to steal money from one of Northern Ireland’s most notorious UVF gangs, Detective Billy Savage is forced to fight for his life as he battles Paramilitaries and avoids his own Police authorities.

The murder of his friend and mentor sends Billy into a spiral of violence and betrayal, pushing him to the very limits of his endurance.

He must try to save the drug dealer he stole from to clear his name. Then win back the heart of the woman he loves, from a man who wants him locked up.”
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​Book 2 - THE CELT

A bloody war is raging across the streets of Belfast, and a feared Republican mercenary murders at will throughout the province. Innocent civilians are being killed and the Police are powerless to intervene.

Detective Billy Savage is dragged into the heart of the Irish Troubles in a desperate attempt to stop the bloodshed, help restore a fragile peace to a divided city and protect the people he loves. He must do it the only way he knows how.

But who’s pulling the strings in a dirty war? And what lines must be crossed in his attempt to save lives? The boundaries are blurred and Billy must decide on which side he stands, once and for all.

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When the IRA recruit the help of an international explosives expert to kick-start their failing war against the British, Detective Sergeant Billy Savage is reluctantly forced back into the midst of the Irish Troubles.

On one front the IRA launch drone bomb attacks on Police Stations and the public, and on the other the UVF are engaged in a bitter feud which spills out onto the streets and directly onto Billy’s own doorstep. On top of it all, pressure from his friends in the secretive Special Branch is proving too much to bear. Billy is left with hard choices to make.

He’s tried his best to live a normal life. But with his wife pregnant and his back to the wall, Billy has nowhere left to turn. He can no longer juggle a Police career and family life, with the murderous tasks set to him by his other employer.

His past has come back to haunt him.

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